Monday, March 1, 2021

Pantone Party

 Are you ready for the show?  It's time for the Project Run & Play Pantone Party!!!

Every year Pantone chooses a color of the year, affecting fashion and design trends everywhere.  For 2021, they’ve chosen Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (a bright yellow hue) for a marriage of color conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.  This is a message we can support for sure!

One of our goals here at Project Run & Play is to stay on the cutting edge of children’s fashion and sewing patterns, so this next bit of fun is designed with that in mind.  

Our Pantone Party event combines two fantastic elements in the sewing world, fabric and patterns.  Some of our handpicked designers are going to work with fabrics from special sponsors to create looks using these two Pantone colors and patterns from our shop.  Look for an on trend, inspirational event!  

Our virtual party will exuberantly fill the month of March.  Prepare yourself to be inspired, no make that prepare yourself to be completely blown away!  In fact you'd better dig through your stash and see what you have in shades of yellow and gray because you are going to need it!!!

Stay tuned all week long as we kick off this ultra cool Pantone Party!
Friday, February 26, 2021

Designer Interview: Tami of SewSophieLynn

 Let's sit down for a chat with another one of our designers!  We LOVE hearing from the past Designers of Project Run & Play Seasons so much, that we occasionally bring them back and pick their brains about their time.

Today' featured designer is Tami of SewSophieLynn, who participated in TWO full Seasons, Season 12, Season 15 and stepped in at the last minute on Mini Season 2.

What have you been doing since your Season on Project Run & Play?

I'm still working for Raspberry Creek Fabrics and testing patterns when I can. After the calm of quarantine life, my kids are back to the crazy evenings of juggling homework, sports, dance, and friends.

What was your favorite part of your experience on Project Run & Play?

I loved the community I became a part of! From the friendships with the other contestants my season to the amazing alumni that I get to work with, what a talented group of sewists to get to be with!

What would you have done differently on your Season if you could do it over?

Plan, plan, plan! I participated in two seasons and I thought by the second time around I would have gotten better at coming up with a firm plan early in the season for each week. Nope- I made up each look as I went along, sometimes the day before pics!

Funny behind the scenes story?

On the second season, it became almost hysterical all of the little things that went wrong. Photo shoot days were the best! Gemia, Cassie, and I would just laugh because one of us always had crazy weather or a sick model when it came time to shoot our looks. You'd never know it though because their looks always were AMAZING!

What did you learn sewing skill-wise from your challenge?

It taught me to trust myself a little more. I'm such a quick, easy project sewist but I learned that those thought out, time consuming projects are actually the ones you remember and cherish the most.

How did your family react/help during your experience?

My family was amazing. My little models were the rockstars of the whole experience. We were dealing with freezing cold Utah winter and they put on their best smiling faces and were true super models.

Any make-it-work moments?

My first look for the second season was a definite make it work moment! I had spent so much time with the detail of the blue Mayan inspired dress that my daughter didn't try it on until the afternoon of the shoot. Wouldn't you know, it was way too big for my youngest daughter to wear! Luckily it fit my oldest perfectly and my younger daughter got the fun separates instead. It was one of those times I was grateful they are so close in age and size!

Advice for future competitors?

Go for it! Project Run and Play is the perfect chance to really let loose and have fun. Enjoy the experience because it goes super fast and you'll have the best memories when it ends!

Did you have any ideas that totally bombed and you had to switch gears?

My very first look ever, the Pokemon challenge was a tough one for us. We were not familiar at all with Pokemon and were really struggling to come up with a plan. I made multiple tops and finally went with the simple red crop top after lots of trial and error.

Do you have any outtake photos you can share?

I dug up a few and it's no surprise that they're all of my youngest daughter.  She keeps us laughing through all of our shoots and always has to throw in a few dance moves!

Thank you so much, Tami! Besides following along with Tami at SewSophieLynn, you can find loads of inspiration by following her on Instagram too.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Take Me Back with It's Always Autumn

 Are you ready for another walk back to another awesome look?  Today we're going to really enjoy a deep dive into the A Little Jane look by It's Always Autumn for the Spring Break theme in Season 9 Week 2.

Today this look makes us gasp just as much as it did when we first saw it come up on our screen!  This little lady and her outfit are so charming!  Let's break this look down.  There are 3 garments represented here, and each of them is SO good!  Let's start with that jacket...

What an amazing little jacket!  It has just the right proportions on this cute child.  How is is both on trend and classic at the same time?  

Cropped moto jacket pattern: The Moto Jacket pattern in the shop is just perfect for this!  You might want to add some lapels, or leave it just as is.  And adding that elastic across the back hem would be pretty easy too.

Cropped moto jacket fabric: We found the perfect grass green Ventana Twill from Robert Kaufman!  And do you see that cute pop of colorful lining?  This Mammoth Flannel plaid rust fabric, also from Robert Kaufman is just the right weight and warmth to use.

Next up we have some cute cropped jeans and a darling dressy raglan tee.

Jeans pattern: The Star Boy Skinny Jeans pattern is for boys AND girls, and is really worth the time and effort to sew them.  Your child will thank you...profusely!

Jeans fabric: This Indigo Super Stretch Denim fabric is the perfect weight and structure for jeans they're wear (but not wear through) all day long!

Dressy Raglan Tee pattern: The Aurora Raglan pattern is the one you want for sure.  The way to do it is cut out two fronts, one a shirt length from the jersey fabric we recommend, and one at tunic length from the lace.  Then sew them both together onto the sleeves.  

Dressy Raglan Tee sleeve fabric: We can vouch for the softness of this Laguna stretch cotton jersey pink knit fabric.  It's almost too good to waste use on kids!

Dress Raglan Tee shirt front & back fabric: This tri-blend jersey knit fabric in white will have the perfect drape and recovery to be exactly what you need here.

Dressy Raglan Tee lace overlay fabric: Did someone say no hemming required?  We've sourced the perfect lace for that feminine overlay, and the already finished edge means no hemming for you!!!

Here it is all in one place:

Location, Styling, and Photography: We don't know where the photos for A Little Jane were taken, but we want to go there because we're pretty sure it's a dreamy English garden, don't you think?  The styling took to heart the philosophy of just add sausage curls and you're in Jane Austen's world!!  And as usual, Autumn's photography is stunning.  Placing the sun behind the child to get that flare halo (or whatever the technical term is) is absolutely perfection.  

What else did you notice about this look?

See what the other designers made for the Spring Break challenge here.

Visit It's Always Autumn on her site and on Instagram for loads of inspiration and tutorials.

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