Friday, October 20, 2017

All Buttoned Up Challenge - Results

Our designers inspired us so much with their All Buttoned Up looks!  They had everyone digging through their button stash in search of the perfect buttons.  The scores have been tallied, and this week's winner is:

Bonnie of Bonnie and Blithe with her Boho Butterfly

And sadly, our least favorite part of each season, we have to say goodbye to one designer and send them home.  This week we're waving goodbye to:

Raphaelle of Deux Souriceaux with her Brooklyn Cool

But she's not going home empty-handed, our wonderful sponsor Stylish Fabric is awarding her some shopping time with a $25 gift certificate.

We'll see you next week!  Happy weekend sewing...

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

All Buttoned Up Challenge-- Time to Vote

Woohoo! We are so excited to get this season off to a start! For this first week, we asked the designers to use buttons to highlight their looks. Make sure to check them all out before voting (below). If you want to see more of one particular design, you can click over to their individual blogs for more details.

Mamide Sofiona- Beautiful Buttons


Hello everybody! I'm pretty excited to finally be here and showing you what I have for our theme of Buttons! This is going to be tricky to keep short so you'll have to go check my blog by clicking this link for the details. I will spare you none!.... What I will tell you here is that for this week I started with only these overalls and this blouse in mind. Neither are splattered in buttons, but rather the buttons compliment and are quite necessary for these pieces. I traded in the knot style feature on these overalls for these nifty little button details and it was exactly the change I felt they needed. For the blouse, it's an altered Simple Life pattern that already has that button placket down the back making it a perfect starting point. I took the opportunity to give it a nice scalloped neckline and switch up the sleeves by adding those gorgeous ruffles. 

Overalls Collage 

Then I decided that I wanted to feature a few more buttons and so began the search through my sewing room for a second look. You'll notice I kept the look cohesive by continuing with the denim/faux leather look which came from a pile of old jeans in my stash. And you might notice the bottom ruffle of the skirt matches the sleeves on the blouse. Well, that would be a old dress of mine that I chopped the top off of . It was my inspiration for those sleeves even before I realized how cool it would look on this modified Zephyr Dress by Lil Luxe. I topped it off with a pretty necklace that is covered in buttons! Beautiful ones. That one is a pattern from Violette Fields. Oh, and the buttons in the hair? My daughter specifically asked for that and I happily obliged! 

Button dress collage


The College Seamstress- Cute as a Button

I am so excited to be here for week one of Project Run and Play! I will admit that when I found out the theme for the first week, I was a little nervous because buttonholes and I do not always get along! However, I was determined to not let the buttonholes win!
I started with the Ila dress bodice from Coffee and Thread patterns. I cut length from the bodice to add a waistband. I wanted a belted look, but a waistband suits my five year old sister best. I drafted a simple half circle skirt using my sister's waist measurement. I started with this tutorial from Dana Made It, but cut a half circle instead of a full circle.

Now, on to the buttons. I wanted to make the buttons into a zigzag shape for two reasons - I like how it looks and my sister's name is Veronica - so the "Vs" in the zigzag are for her name! She is in kindergarten and knows her letters, so it is perfect! Since the front is pretty detailed, I went with some simple buttons for the back. There are 54 buttons total on the dress!

Head on over to my blog here for more details and pictures about my look!

Deux Souriceaux- Brooklyn Cool

Since moving to Brooklyn, I've seen a lot of kids. There's almost 1500 of them at the girls' school! They all have their very own style and aren't afraid to be themselves, fully. It's awesome to see such variety be not only accepted but also celebrated. And my guess is that it can be infuriating for parents who have children like mine. Children who have very definite ideas of what they will and won't wear. So when I started work on this outfit, I couldn't not ask for my daughter's input. She chose fabrics, modified and approved plans, gave feedback, and made one tiny concession (the bunny button)... 

 The pants are based on the Jalie Eleonore pull on jeans. I added functional buttons to the outside leg. Closed, the pants have a straight leg. Open, they look more like a flare and provide ventilation for warmer afternoons. The button and thread colors match the shirt. I used a comfortable rayon ponte that refuses to press so every single seam is topstitched.

 The shirt is based on the Oliver + S Building Block Dress, very heavily modified. Basically, I only kept the armscye, the sleeve cap, and the shoulders! The back and underside of the sleeves are made from knit for extra ease of movement, while the rest is woven. I made small dorset buttons for the cuffs and bigger ones for the button band at the front. A few of the buttons are functional but the rest is decorative, inspired by one of my own cardigans! Please visit me at deuxsouriceaux for more information. There is so much more I want to say about this look!

Handmade Martini - Buttons in the Urban Wild

Hello, everyone! For the button challenge, I chose to make Eliza three pieces with button closures, using them to add pops of color and detail. The knit top is self-drafted based on an old favorite shirt of Eliza's. The trench coat started with the Sunki Dress by Figgy's, and I kept only the side pockets and pleated sleeves. (I used the same pattern and similar modifications for Flip This Pattern back in 2013. I didn't keep my original, so I had to start from scratch on this one! It was Eliza's most-worn garment with buttons, so it was worth recreating.) The skirt is the Ayashe by Figgy's, and I modified it by adding knit shorts under for modesty and warmth. The knitted hat is the Barley by Tin Can Knits. All fabric, trim, and buttons came from Let's Sew, our local fabric store.

Hop over to my blog, Handmade Martini, for more pictures and details! Thank you! 


Bonnie and Blithe- Boho Butterfly



Hey all! I'm excited to share my week 1 look with you: I call it Boho Butterfly! I knew I wanted to create button art for this challenge and when I thought of using a butterfly as my subject, the rest of this bohemian-themed look just fell into place. I used a faux suede for this vest, based on Jennuine Design's moto jacket pattern and I love how it looks both zipped up and open. The dress was based on my Infinite A-line Dress pattern only with a lengthened skirt and fuller sleeves. This chiffon dress just says "let's go frolic in the forest and befriend woodland creatures" to me :) I love the flowy factor, the floral pattern and the ease of wear. I considered adding some ruffles to the sleeves and hem but decided against it since the vest is such a statement piece. I lined the bodice and half the skirt with a rayon, but the sleeves and bottom of the skirt are fairly sheer. Both my little model and her twin are obsessed with it and fought over it all weekend! Visit my blog for even more behind-the-scenes details of this look, including a very sad story about a naughty toddler, a pair of scissors and why I almost dropped out!

Sew Haute Blog- All Buttoned Up

Hey, you don't know me, I'm Teronia from Sew Haute Blog. This is my first time and first week on Project Run and Play and I can't believe I'm actually here! It's like wearing the suit of your favorite hero, but enough dramatics, let's get to this week's look. This week we we were challenged to highlight our work with buttons. I wanted to do something that wasn't just throwing buttons at my outfit. I'm not super artsy so carefully arranging an array of buttons that look like the Mona Lisa just wasn't in my cards. Instead I opted for functional buttons. This involved me inventing, YES INVENTING, a partial button placket and sort of drafting my own waistband to get the sailor pants look that I wanted. All of this so that I could have functional, purposeful buttons.  



 I based my top off of the Blank Slate Fresh Bloom Frock. It has a gorgeous feature button on the shoulder, but I wanted to step up my button game so I moved the first button down and took that placket that I invented (wink) down the front side to add more buttons and functionality, otherwise my daughter's head would not fit. I also changed the collar shape and position and turned the dress into a tunic, eliminating the separate bodice and skirt. The pants are based off f the Jalie Eleonore Pull On Jeans. I added a tuxedo stripe to give the outfit an outdoorsy feel. I was also inspired by another pattern and changed the waistband to the sailor style. If you'd like more details about the fabric, patterns and the overall look you can hop on over to my blog: Sew Haute Blog. If you do don't forget to come back here and vote for your favorite look. Keeps scrolling for the voting polls. Thanks for visiting!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Season 14 Sew Along

We're so excited to get Season 14 of Project Run & Play started!  We're trying something new for the sew along this season.  This is your spot for linking up your makes all season long!  That's right, sew up your looks for any of the sew alongs, and link them all up here.  

One reason we're doing it this way is to give you all MORE TIME to sew and link up your looks!  So many of you have commented that sewing along each week is rather strenuous.  We've got kids too, so we realize sometimes you have more time and sometimes you have less time to sew!  

So take your time, you've got until November 10th at midnight (MST) to link up any and all of your looks for our 4 themes:

Week 1: "All Buttoned Up" 
Use buttons to highlight your look!

Week 2:  "Buffalo Gals or Guys!"
Buffalo checked prints or buffalo plaids are super popular right now...use 'em!

Week 3:  "Candy Coated Challenge"
Let yourself be inspired by a favorite Halloween candy!

Week 4:  "Signature Style"
Design a look that best represents your own unique style, taste, and best showcases your skill set.

Of course you know how much we love prizes and rewarding you, so we've got an especially good one for  you this time!  One lucky winner is going to walk away with $100 to spend at Raspberry Creek Fabrics!!!  Our panel of judges for this season includes our lovely designers.  Since they are sewing to these themes, they will be the best judges, don't you think?

You really, really must go over to Raspberry Creek Fabrics and check out their amazing selection of fabrics.  Personally we are all heart eyes over their club fabrics, and they've got an amazing collection of all your favorite fabrics too!

All right, now it's your turn!  Link up your looks for any (and all!) of our themes below.  We are beyond excited to see what you make!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Meet the Designer: Teronia from Sew Haute Blog

Hi! I'm Teronia (pronounced Ter-on-nuh) from Sew Haute Blog. I'm originally from Louisiana, but live in Tallahassee, FL. My husband and I have a 7 year old girl and are expecting our 2nd baby in April.  We both work for the state and I make and sell children's and women's custom clothing on the side. I also attend Florida State University studying creative writing and only have a few classes left to go! I'm just your typical mom, busy, busy, busy. 

My daughter was my inspiration to start sewing. I wanted this gorgeous petittutu dress for her first birthday, but knew that her being so petite, and the cost, would pose a huge problem. So, with absolutely no experience, I borrowed a friend's sewing machine, found a tutorial, ordered fabric and haven't looked back since. I love to challenge my skills (or not yet developed skills) and create eye catching, well fitting garments for my daughter and myself. My husband has even started to get in on the action.

I am so thrilled to be participating in this season of Project Run & Play. I have been following the competition and the ladies that run it as well as many of the past contestants for years!I can't wait to see what we all come up with and grow even more as a seamstress. 

You can find me online:
Thursday, October 12, 2017

Meet the Designer: Michelle from Handmade Martini

Hello! My name's Michelle, and I'm thrilled to be competing in this season of Project Run and Play! I've been following along since Season 1 - back when just about everybody's website ended in and PDF patterns were a relatively new phenomenon. I sewed along with a few seasons and always felt so energized by the themes and challenge of designing my own looks and seeing everyone else's creations!

My sewing journey started at the feet of my great-grandmother, who quilted and taught me how to thread a needle. My mom also sews, and she showed me how to use a sewing machine so my BFF and I could have matching drop-waist t-shirt dresses in the '80s. They were about as cool as they sound. I followed up in high school with a rayon dress that fell apart after the first wash, and kept going despite finishing project after project that didn't go quite right. (Like my placemat-turned-purse stage. Oy.)

Once the kids were born and I discovered independent pattern designers and blogs, my dining room table (a.k.a. sewing space) never looked the same.

Here are some non-related sewing facts: My husband, Ryan, and I've been together since freshman year of college - 20 years. (I actually had to stop after I typed that and recalculate because really. It can't be right. But it's right. 20 years.) We've got two boys (Lee, 10 & Daniel, 8) and one girl (Eliza, 6) whom I homeschool. I LOVE homeschooling, and sometimes the kids do, too. I'm a marathoner and fulfilled a lifelong dream of running The Boston Marathon last April. My dream of living in Scotland during the 1700s and recreating Outlander hasn't been as easy to achieve. (My other passion  is reading, and Diana Gabaldon is a favorite author.)

Thank you all for following along this season! I'm SO STINKING excited about the looks swimming around in my head! My goal is to create pieces that are unique, practical, and that Eliza loves wearing. Please stick around and come say hi at Handmade Martini (still .blogspot - ha) or Instagram!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Meet the Designer: Sherri from Mami di Sofiona

Hello everyone! My name is Sherri and here I am on Project Run and Play!! And I'm terrified! I somewhat recently opened myself up to the online sewing community and things seem to have just taken off from there. I started my IG account just so I could sew along with last season’s contestants (loved it), decided to start a blog to share my sewing adventures (it even includes a for real blog tour!!!) and now millions are reading my stories every day….. yeah right. More like, now I have seen for myself the friendships that I read about in your own blogs and stories and you all are addicting!

In my real life I’m a mom of two girls and a wife. Yes, that man has been cropped out of my bio pic, but after a frustrating search for the right picture of myself for this (oh, and you will read about that in the first week’s blog post!!) I decided that this is actually a great one because without that shoulder to lean on I wouldn't have half the encouragement that I receive to be the best I can be at what I love to do. He became a true enabler when he started buying me sewing machines for Christmas.

I hope I can do this whole fun competition justice and maybe inspire some more to sew along and put themselves out there for a chance to do it from this angle next season!! See you soon! I've got sewing to do!
You can follow me here:

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Meet the Designer: Raphaelle from Deux Souriceaux

Hi! I'm Raphaƫlle. I blog over at Deux Souriceaux and post pictures of life on Instagram under the same name. I now live in Brooklyn with my husband and two lovely daughters (9 and 6 years old) but we moved to the USA from Montreal almost 8 years ago. (I can't believe it's been that long already!) And yes, I do speak French. In fact, we only speak French at home so both girls are fully bilingual.
I'm a total textile nut. Before moving, I'd gone back to school to study it. I learned to weave, dye yarn, use a knitting machine... I started sewing to figure out how to do my fabrics justice. I became a fan of sewing for itself and a whole new world opened up. It isn't just about beautiful fabrics anymore but also how they can be transformed into unique and functional pieces. I have new ideas all the time. Keeping my focus on one at a time can be quite the challenge!
I enjoy creating simple, comfortable clothes with a few special details. A pretty trim, a clever pocket, a special textile... I'm proudest of myself when I succeed in creating a piece that perfectly marries form and function. I'm very excited to participate in this season of Project Run & Play. I've been dreaming of this for so long! Of course it has to happen when everything is topsy-turvy thanks to home renovations but this is too rare an opportunity to pass up. I can't wait to show you all my creations!