Friday, June 24, 2016

Ajaire from Call Ajaire's Favorite Theme

Yesterday, Shannon from Little Kids Grow shared her favorite theme from Project Run & Play.  She tagged Ajaire from Call Ajaire to play next.  Here's Ajaire:

This week I took all those teeny scraps that come from serging and squaring up quilt blocks and turned them into fabric!  Pretty cool, huh?  I had been saving piles of the smallest scraps for a different project, but when this idea hit I set to sorting those cast offs by color and crossed my fingers that this would work.  I used a simple white muslin fabric for the backing and then sandwiched the scraps and thread and even some cording with wash away stabilizer on top.  Then it was a matter of stitching over the stabilizer until I thought the scraps would stay put.  I decided a grid would contain everything best so I stitched rows 3/8" apart both vertically and horizontally across the fabric.  For the skirt I placed the scraps in a blended rainbow order and for the bodice tops I used all of my shades of pink.  Once everything had been stitched I soaked the fabric in water so the stabilizer would dissolve.  The resulting fabric is soft and the weight isn't much different than the weight of the original fabrics would have been.  It is as easy to sew as a heavy denim might be in some of the thicker areas, but totally malleable and even WASHABLE which is great for a child's garment.

I used a white stretch sateen fabric for the middle bodice (and the bodice lining as well).  I love the stretch of the sateen and it's really soft against Bean's skin, but it is also a bottom weight so it has enough heft to hold up the skirt without pulling.  The white has a subtle sheen to it so I thought it would help brighten the dress even more.  I drafted a fully lined drop-waisted dress with faux cap sleeves and a 3/4 circle skirt.  Bean is growing up more than out right now so the drop-waist should allow for wearing this dress through the summer and maybe beyond.  The back has an invisible zipper than extends below the skirt so there should be plenty of room to get it on and off as she grows.  And finally the circle skirt is bound with a piece of double fold bias binding that I made from one of my bleach-dyed cast offs from last week.  The color was too berry for the Nantucket red look,  but works perfectly with the colors of this No Scrap Too Small Dress.  Please come by and see ALL the details including more of the fabric process pics at Call Ajaire.

You can look out for an updated article in the One Thimble Issue 12 magazine due to release later this summer.   Now I want to tag Celina from Petit a Petit and Family.
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Shannon from Little Kids Grow's Favorite Theme

Yesterday Louise from I'm Feeling Crafty shared her favorite theme from her season of Project Run & Play.  She tagged Shannon from Little Kids Grow to play next, so today we get to hear from Shannon!

The Project Run and Play competition is still on my list as one of my favorite life experiences. Seriously! You never know what you are capable of until the pressure is on, and it was definitely "on" during the competition. 

Boy's Week was my favorite because I got to really stretch my creativity and think outside the box. I have boys and girls at home and sew for both, but I've always found that girl patterns offered more variety. So, my biggest personal challenge (and I love challenges) was trying to create a look with "personality" that was nontraditional, yet stylish. I decided to focus on the smaller details to see if I could push the envelope a little bit. I made a hat out of a knit fabric (which to this day is my #1 toughest sewing project ever!). I also played around with pattern, by cutting up a men's sweater and reassembling it to add color blocking, and finally, I wanted to see if I could create a tailored pair of corduroy pants without all of the bulkiness, and it worked. Woot!

I absolutely LOVE design and detail and this theme pushed me in that direction like no other. Although I didn't win Boy's Week, it taught me a valuable lesson in vision and execution. I still use the lessons learned today, not just in sewing and design, but in whatever challenge I face. I remind myself that fear is just an emotion and if we can move beyond it, the sky's the limit.  Here's the original post link on my site:

I'm tagging my girl, Ajaire, next!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Louise from I'm Feeling Crafty's Favorite Challenge

Yesterday Karly from Paisley Roots tagged Louise from I'm Feeling Crafty to share her favorite challenge from her season of Project Run & Play.  She's here with a super duper cute favorite.


It's so fun to be back and playing tag with the other Project Run and Play contestants! I love seeing everyone's favorites! I decided to choose the wolf outfit I did for my season of Project Run and Play mostly becuase it was my only real week in the competition! Even though I did only last one week, it drove me to be more creative and really strive to make a well made outfit!
Coat-PRP-WW-ImFeelinCrafty copy

The jeans and the t-shirt were worn for as long as they fit. The coat got handed down to a little neighbor friend and I loved seeing it be adored by another kiddo again! As for me, I'm still sewing ALL the time. But I've moved into quilting more than sewing for the kiddo and I just realized I missed sewing for him! He's requested a few things so I hope to get them in the sewing machine real soon. As for blogging, well, I've been slacking some... Hoping to get more regular again on that soon! Hope to see you there! 
I tag Shannon Clark from Little Kids Grow! She's an awesome lady! 
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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Karly from Paisley Roots Favorite Challenge

Yesterday Annika from Nah Connection shared her favorite challenge.  She tagged Karly from Paisley Roots to play and she's sharing her favorite challenge with us today.  

It's no secret that I love Project Run & Play. It's what got me into blogging and it's been an amazing journey so far!  When told to choose a "favorite theme", I struggled. I have sooo many favorite theme's and looks through-out the years, how can you choose only one? It's like asking me which of my children is my favorite! 
So, I made a collage. 

The themes are my favorite part of Project Run & Play. It pushes me to look at things in a different way and I love the challenge! 

Of course I can't leave out my favorite look I made during my season, Signature Style week. I still love the color palette of Aevarie's look. It makes me smile every time I see the pictures and it makes me all giddy inside that all that work paid off! My favorite item for Aev's is the blazer. I'm stoked that Zoe finally fits in it and it's still on my list to grade out and release it as a pattern.

Gavin's look was my first time making a full out denim pair of jeans and I haven't been able to stop since! They're one of my favorite items of clothing to make. 

I'm tagging Louise from I'm Feelin' Crafty.
Monday, June 20, 2016

Annika from Nah- Connection and her Favorite Challenge

Project Run and Play, Season 11, Week1: Let's go Fishing (header) by Näh-Connection

Nothing but knit is basically the perfect theme for me. 90% of my sewing is knit, so I loved that theme right away. I chose to sew for both of my kids. I didn't want them to be too matchy-matchy, but still chose to work with the same color scheme: blue/white with a pop of pink and mint. My daughter's dress is inspired by a dress that I saw some time ago. I'm a real sucker for boatnecks and I love how the pleats (instead of the gathers that are commonly used in knit dresses) give it a bit more polished look. I started of with the Beachy Boatneck by Blank Slate Patterns, cut it at the waist and added a self-drafted skirt with nice big pockets and those cute pleats. To finish her look and to make it winter appropriate I sewed a color-blocked cardigan out of 3 different sweater knits with drop-down shoulders based on the New York Sweater pattern by Rapantinchen. I cut off some length of the sweater, drafted the front pieces and finished the edges with a facing that goes all around the cardigan (neckline, front and hem). I edgestitched the facing in place in place, changing thread color according to the color of the respective part of the cardigan (pink front, blue back) to get a clean look. I was planning to add a blue button to the front, but my daughter had a very strong opinion about it: „If you add a button, I will never wear it“, so no button it was.

Project Run and Play, Season 11, Week1: Let's go Fishing (collage 1) by Näh-Connection

My son's outfit consists of three pieces to achieve a fun layered look. For his sweater and pants I altered an Ottobre (4/2015) pattern to include two separate front panels with pockets. I used a blue/white striped interlock to create a chevron effect at the front panels. The pants have an elasticized waist, so the drawstring isn't really necessary to keep them in place, but adds some cuteness. I used two square pieces of SnapPap under the grommets to stabilize the knit and on the knee patches. The button-up is a gingham that is often used in German clothing. I used the Prepster Pullover from Blank Slate Patterns for the shirt: I added a chest welt-pocket, a collar and changed the sleeve placket. I love how the details make it unique and different. The last piece is a Polo Shirt. I used the Hemlock Top by E&E Patterns and added the button placket and collar and divided the front and back pattern pieces into four pieces (white, blue, mint, blue) by cutting them diagonally with varying angles. The last detail of the Polo Shirt is a pink octopus-applique that adds that little bit of fun. The octopus has a "3" as my son's  look was also his birthday outfit last week. I've made it a tradition to sew my kids birthday shirts and love that this one here isn't too obvious. For more photos and details, please head over to my blog and leave me a (nice) comment.

I am tagging Karly from Paisley Roots.
Friday, June 17, 2016

Courtney from Sweeter than Cupcakes favorite Challenge

Hearing from some of the original Project Run & Play contestants during this little game of tag has made me even more grateful to be one of the most recent contestants. I selected my Nothing But Knit look for my favorite theme although it was hard to narrow it down! The athleisure trend resonated with me for its comfort combined with style. I love spotting fashion details and incorporating them into my looks. This was also the first challenge of my season, and the votes proved to me that I was a worthy opponent when I had been really second guessing myself. I walked away from the competition with a renewed confidence in my sewing style and ability, along with the knowledge that I could stretch myself into a bit of pattern drafting. In fact, the shorts pattern I created during the competition became part of the Modkid Susie pattern. I am still sewing and blogging at every opportunity!

I’m tagging my fellow competitor and now friend Annika from across the globe.
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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Jenn from A Jennuine Life favorite challenge

My time in Project Run & Play was so full of mixed emotions - excitement, nervousness, uncertainty and accomplishment.    I reveled in the preparation for each challenge, and had three out of four looks done before the season officially began.  Seeing how the my fellow competitors interpreted each challenge was thrilling.
Refashion Title AJL

My favorite week of the season was the refashion challenge, even though it was after I was out for the season having lost on the movie challenge. The jacket I made from leather I salvaged from my sofa was one of the most favorite things I've ever made - so much so that I have since created the Moto Jacket pattern for it, available in PDF or printed format in my shop, Jennuine Design.  

Refashion Labeled 

The photo shoot for this had me on pins and needles because we were in the middle of a "polar vortex" and even with a pretty warm jacket there was no way we could take pictures outside. My husband surprised me with a location scouting win, mentioning a vintage car showroom just a mile from our home.  Cool cars, amazing light and Arden posing her little heart out while Hadley snacked on a chocolate chip cookie just out of frame and we were good to go!

Refashion 1 AJL 
 I would like to tag Courtney Davis from Sweeter Than Cupcakes. I really loved all of her polished looks for her season (and it didn't hurt that she used one of my patterns during the competition!).
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