Monday, May 21, 2018

Let's Sew A Rainbow - Rainbow Week!

This is mixing metaphors, but I'm simply over the moon about the rainbow link up!  It's so incredibly beautiful and colorful and inspiring.  Thank you to everyone who linked up PURPLE sewing creations.  Here are a couple from the link up:

Max California linked up this perfect shirt, but it's got a little twist, so you simply must go see a closer look at those shoulders! ;)

Over on Instagram, Violets and Jewels used #prpsewsarainbow to share this darling swimsuit she sewed.  Be sure to check out the inspiration photo she copied the suit from!

And now it's time for all RAINBOW week!  This week, show your colorful creations that feature the rainbow or the colors from it.

This tutorial for the rainbow butterfly skirt is probably the most visited post on Project Run & Play!

Here's the schedule:

April 9 - 14 RED week
April 15 - 21 ORANGE week
April 22 - 28 YELLOW week
April 29 - May 5 GREEN week
May 6 - May 12 BLUE week
May 12 - 19 INDIGO & VIOLET week
May 20 - 26 RAINBOW week (link up something rainbow themed!)

At the end of the last week, there will be a random drawing, and someone will receive a gift certificate.  

Use the hashtag #prpsewsarainbow on social media to spread the word and help other people find Project Run & Play and sew a rainbow too.  Let's make the biggest, most colorful rainbow of children's clothing we can!

Each week we'll also have some fun color-themed inspiration and feature some of the link ups too!

Ready, set, GO!  Link up all your RAINBOW creations!

Friday, May 18, 2018

50+ Things to Sew with Purple Fabric

It's time for a little walk down memory lane for all things PURPLE!  This post is full of inspiration from past Project Run & Play Season for things you can sew with purple fabric.

Please continue adding your purple makes to the rainbow link up until you see the rainbow post.  Together we're making a rainbow!

Cape - Naeh Connection sewed this creation for the Cosplay Challenge during Season 11.

Skirt - Sewing Like Mad sewed this cute outfit for the Mad For Plaid Challenge during Season 7.  

Leggings - Shwin & Shwin sewed these darling leggings for the It's All In The Details Challenge during the All Stars Season.

Dress - Lindsay, etc. created this dress for the White Sheet Challenge during Season 5.

Jacket - Sew Together sewed this cropped corduroy jacket for the Movie Inspired Challenge during Season 4.

Sleeveless Dress - For the same challenge, CP sewed this amazing sleeveless dress!

Swing Top - Sugar Bee Crafts sewed this for the Circle Skirt Remix Challenge during Season 4.

Ruffle Coat - The Cottage Home created this for the Sweet Dress Challenge during Season 1.

Sweater and Leg Warmers - Frances Suzanne sewed this for the Refashion Challenge during Season 8.

Dress - Mami de Sofiona created this for the Signature Style Challenge during Season 14.

Circle Skirt - Paisley Roots sewed this for the Art Gallery Fabrics Canvas Challenge during Mini Season 1.

Knit Dress - The Inspired Wren sewed this creation for the Nothing But Knit Challenge during Season 11.

Blouse - Lily Shine Creates sewed this for the Hand-Me-Down Challenge during Season 10.

Tutu - Petit A Petit + Family created this for the Put Me In The Zoo Challenge during Season 9.

Sundress - Sewing Like Made created this for the Popover Sundress Challenge during Season 7.

For 35+ more ideas on what to sew with purple fabric, head over to the link up!  And add your own purple sewing creations too!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Season 16 Themes Announcement

Today, the themes for Season 16 are yours.  Once again, the Panel of Advisors has chosen the most inspiring themes!  

Week 1: June 4- 8   Circus
Run away and join the circus? - you bet! From the sawdust beneath the ringmaster’s boots to the glittering eye of the tiger, the details of the big top inspire awe and strike wonder. This week, embody the joy of the circus experience in your designs.  

Week 2: June 11-15   Sew Your Stash
Your consciousness of your surroundings will shine this week as you think of your ecosystem- both in nature and in your stash! See your fabric pile in a new light as you create a fabulous look for the present - with cloth from the past.

Week 3: June 18-22   Streak, Stroke, Stripe
From zebras to referees to Tutankhamun’s funeral mask - stripes are always striking, and always in good taste. This week, use the boldness, the duality and the yin and yang of stripes to inspire your inner fire and make THE LOOK.

Week 4: June 25-29   Signature Style
Design a look that best represents your own unique style, taste and most suitably showcases your skill set.

Alright, get busy planning!  If you'd like to use the Project Run & Play weekly planning sheet just click on it below, and it's yours!

Here are three more FREE Project Run & Play printables to help you out:
Free Children's Sewing Project Record Sheet Printable

Leave a comment, which of these themes are you most excited to sew?