Friday, February 23, 2018

Season 15 Themes Announcement

Yesterday I promised to tell you about the themes the Panel of Advisors has picked for Season 15.  I am so excited and inspired and ready to sew these themes!

Week 1: March 12-16
7 Wonders of the World
Through history people have been awestruck by colossal and beautiful wonders.  This is your chance to recreate that feeling with your look inspired by one of the 7 Wonders of the World, Ancient or Modern.

Week 2: March 19-23
Crafting a Story
Famous authors live as legends in the craft of storytelling.  Create your own path to fame by weaving elements of your favorite children's storybook into this week's design.

Week 3: March 26-30
Astronomical Proportions
This week, rise above our planet with your out-of-this-world creations inspired by outer space

Week 4: April 2-6
Signature Style
Design a look that best represents your own unique style, taste and most suitably showcases your skill set.

Alright, get busy planning!  If you'd like to use the Project Run & Play weekly planning sheet just click on it below, and it's yours!

Here are three more FREE Project Run & Play printables to help you out:
Free Children's Sewing Project Record Sheet Printable

Leave a comment, which of these themes are you most excited to sew?

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Panel of Advisors Announcement

Today you get to meet a special group of ladies.  These ladies agreed to help me out.  You see, even though I have a lot of experience helping run Project Run & Play as a Virtual Assistant for the past few years, I have never been a designer on a Season.  Sewing along is GREAT fun, but I haven't really experienced the intense, behind the scenes activities of a designer on a Season.  With that in mind, I assembled this Panel of Advisors.  Each of these ladies SHONE on their Season and brings a special, unique viewpoint to the Panel of Advisors.  

They are helping me shape the future of Project Run & Play, reigning me in when I get too carried away with an idea, offering suggestions, choosing the designer from the link up, and more!  Without them I'd be overwhelmed.  So please give a very warm welcome to these 8 ladies:

Annika of Naeh Connection from Season 11.  Do you remember the bunny in the pocket on her Signature Style look?  Follow her on Instagram here for behind the scenes German sewing life.

Ari of Max California from Season 6 & Mini Season 1.  I can't decide if I loved her outfits or her photo shoot more from her Mini Season Ko Ko Bop look.  Follow her on Instagram here to keep up with the coolest kids ever.

Bonnie of Bonnie & Blithe from Season 14.  Because I have a mischievous toddler, I don't think I'll ever forget the button incident from her Boho Butterfly look!  Follow her on Instagram here for fashion, DIY and expert mom tips.

Cassie of Lily Shine Creates from Season 10.  Do you dream about her Shine Brite parachute skirt look too, or is that just me??  Follow her on Instagram here for sneak peeks of some of the most inspiring fabric, designs and DIYs.

Karly of Paisley Roots from Season 8 & Mini Season 1.  Do you remember when she sewed All. The. Things. for her Signature Style look?  Follow her on Instagram here to keep up with her everyday adventures.

Sherri of Mami de Sofiona from Season 14.  She's the lady who made us want to eat her children with her Starbursts and Nerds look!  Follow her on Instagram here for extreme northern Canada weather and some of the most beautiful sewing on the web.

Teronia of Sew Haute Blog from Season 14.  Her Persnickety Plaid look was so amazing I hear she's been taking you think she'd make it in my size?  Follow her on Instagram here for the cutest little girl model and boutique sewing inspiration.

Michelle of F&B Creations.  Whenever I need advice I turn to this ever resourceful lady.  Follow her on Instagram here for PNW life and her amazing gymnast daughter.

These amazing ladies have chosen the themes for Season 15, and they are so're going to love them!  Come back tomorrow when those themes are revealed!

Please leave a comment below welcoming the Panel of Advisors.  Tell them what look they designed and sewed for Project Run & Play that inspired you!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Season 15 Dates Announcement

Thank you to everyone who linked up to the Season 15 casting call!  What an incredible lot of talented sewists you are.  While the panel of past Project Run & Play designers are choosing the 6th designer, we've got a few announcements for you.

Today we're revealing the dates for Season 15 so you can clear your calendar and prepare to sew along!

Dates for Season 15

Week 1: March 12-16
Week 2: March 19-23
Week 3: March 26-30
Week 4: April 2-6

Oh, and about that panel of past designers?  Come back Thursday when you get to meet them and see what they're up to!
Monday, February 5, 2018

Season 15 Audition

Thank you so much to everyone for your kind words, comments and emails about the future of Project Run & Play!  It's a very exciting time.

One thing for sure about the future of Project Run & Play is the next season, so let's get that started!  Season 15 will commence in March.

Today there is a link up for you to "audition" for Season 15.  Simply link up an example of children's sewing that shows your best or favorite work.  You can link to your blog post or a post on Instagram.  One audition per person please.  The link up will remain open until February 18, 2018 at midnight.  One link up entry will be chosen by a panel of past Project Run & Play designers, and announced shortly thereafter.

Alright, give it your best shot, and good luck to everyone!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Project Run & Play Update - January 2018

Project Run and Play has been one of those projects that has been near and dear to us from the start. When we were first asked to be a part of the competition we were this little blog with two girls who loved to sew for their kids. And we were so thrilled to be a part of it.

We competed in the second season and met some of our closest blog friends through a camaraderie of women who loved sewing. It was almost as if we could see those other women in their sewing rooms sewing up clothing for their children that they loved as much as we loved ours. Along with sewing, PR&P gave us the chance to spend time with our little ones taking their photos...those are memories that we consider priceless.  Friday mornings were a highlight....when we would wake up early and see what everyone had made and ohh and ahhh over the details that everyone put into their posts. It was a fun season and we loved every minute of it.

And we know there are so many of you who feel the same about PR&P. Over the years we have received so many emails and comments from so many who said things like, it was where you got inspiration to start sewing and borrowed a sewing machine, or you followed it while learning how to sew for your kids, or for some, it was what inspired them to get up enough courage to sew something for themselves. 

It's funny how one tiny spark can make a big difference in the lives of so many. And while PR&P has had its fair share of drama, the positives that this little blog has brought to so many has far outweighed the negative.

We are so grateful for the sewing community that  PR&P has built. From every single person who has ever entered the sew along, to each and every sponsor who has donated prizes to those who have competed, thank you for your support. We so appreciate it.

And while we don't want PR&P to end, we at Simple Simon and Company have found that we have been pulled in other directions and haven't been able to devote as much time to maintaining and being a part of the every day things at Project Run and Play. Luckily we have had two fantastic assistants, Audrey and Michelle, that over the last couple of seasons have done an amazing job with keeping everything running smoothly over here. A huge thank you to those ladies!

Sometime during the last year we felt like it was time to let PR&P go. It's a different stage of life for us now--our kids are much older, and Simple Simon and Company has essentially turned into a full-time job for us now. And we didn't want PR&P to get lost in the shuffle, which was our fear. But that is not going to happen!

We are thrilled to announce that PR&P will continue on without us and keep growing and changing. Audrey from Skirt Fixation will be taking over the blog completely and she has some exciting plans for the future of Project Run and Play! She is super organized and will do a superb job with it!  We feel so happy to turn it over to her very capable hands.

I guess the thing we wanted to leave you all with as we bow out and let a new leader take over is--thank you. Thank you for sharing your time and your talent with us.  Thank you for sharing yourself and your children with us.  Thank you for your thoughts and your creativity and your inspiration.   We love you all and have been so amazed at the supportive community that this little piece of the internet has held for us and for so many of you.  Project Run and Play is an adventure that we will never forget.

With love,
Elizabeth and liZ
Simple Simon and Company

Please leave your farewell messages for Elizabeth and liZ in the comments below.  These lovely ladies have made Project Run & Play into the well loved event it is today.  They have agreed to answer my questions and give advice as we proceed forward, so expect their wonderful influence to continue in the Seasons to come!  Feel free to contact me with your thoughts about Project Run & Play's future at: projectrunandplay (at) gmail (dot) com
Monday, December 4, 2017

December News Link Up

December is here, we can hardly believe how fast 2018 has sped past!  This month we're celebrating YOU!  We're so thankful for everyone's support and participation this year.

In fact, we were thinking about how so many people have supported and participated in Project Run & Play through the years.   With that appreciation in mind, for the month of December, we are going to be featuring one past creation made for Project Run & Play every day over on Instagram.  Please follow us there so we can walk down memory lane together!  If you're not on Instagram, we plan to do a weekly roundup here.

Now let's talk about YOU some more, we want to know what you're sewing!

Holiday Sewing...we know you're doing it, and we are too!  So we thought for the December's link up it would be awesome if everyone would share what you're sewing for the holidays.  Are you sewing pajamas for all your kids?  Are you making special occasion dresses?  Gifts for your little ones?  Share it with us below...

Monday, November 13, 2017

Season 14 Sew Along Results

Did you see the link up?  You all gave our panel of judges the terrifically difficult job of choosing a first place and runner up for the sew along!  Every single one of you who linked up is a winner...just look at the amazing garments you created.  

Thanks to our generous sponsor Raspberry Creek Fabrics, the first place winner will get a $100 shopping spree!  

And our judges have fallen head over heals in love with:

Made of Starlight with her Buffalo Plaid Pinafore and Playsuit entry!

Also, a first for this season and thanks to Hawthorne Fabrics, we have a runner up who will get a $25 shopping spree!

And the runner up is:


Chickadee Chickadee with her 5 Sugary Sweet Halloween looks!

Thanks so much to everyone for you participation and continued support of Project Run & Play during Season 14.  Stay tuned for what's next...