Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Mini Project Run & Play Week 2: Art Gallery Fabrics CANVAS

For the 2nd week of Mini Project Run & Play, we challenged our designers, Karly and Sarah, to use Art Gallery Fabrics canvas fabric.  This week's mini plot twist is that neither one of them had sewn with Art Gallery Fabrics canvas before.  We chose Moment In Time Dim for them to use.  They each got 2 yards of it to play with and 1 yard of any coordinating Art Gallery Fabric of their choice.  Here are their creations:

Sarah of The Crazy Tailor: She's A Wildflower 

Hello, lovely Project Run & Play readers! Sarah here from The Crazy Tailor! It's been quite a while since I've been a competitor on here, but how could I turn down a chance for some friendly competition with the best!? I'll admit, when I found out that Karly and I were going to be sewing some type of garment with canvas, it threw me for a loop! But apparently not all canvas is created equal! Art Gallery Canvas is quite soft and totally suitable for this dress! As my second fabric choice, I picked a minty aztec print, also an Art Gallery fabric, and it's so soft and subtle. The golden ruffle is a little bit of linen from my stash.

So let's jump in...what did I make? I had lofty plans to do more with this and add to the ensemble, but life got in the way. I started with the Mori Dress as a base, and as you can see, the bodice went through quite a change! I re-drafted the front to become a bib and made sure to match things up at the shoulders. The ruffle changes size and really adds a whimsical feel to the dress. Sometimes I make something and my daughter just doesn't like it, but this one? It was only half-finished and she declared it The Most Beautiful Dress! The ruffle edge is finished in a sparkly gold metallic thread, so maybe that caught her eye? I'm really loving this canvas and feel like with a fabric like this, it would be a great option for winter sewing!


 To finish off her outfit, I made up a little sailor bow. I am admittedly terrible at doing hair, and thought that might help me get a little more creative. It's a quick little project that only takes a little sewing before you have a sweet little bow! She loves it so I'll be making a few more of those! Thanks so much for reading through our little adventure with canvas! Read more and find more photos over on my blog!


Karly of Paisley Roots: Wild & Free

Hey everyone! I love to be challenged and this mini-season definitely did that! I had slight PR&P deja vu since my fabric was running just a tad on the late side, and I got to make these outfits this past week! I think I can breathe now....

When I heard we were getting canvas, I knew immediately that I wanted to make my Thyme Vest. This was my first time working with Art Gallery Canvas and I'm in love. Not only was it wonderful to work with on my vest, it would have made a gorgeous fall/winter dress as well. It's not too heavy and sews up like a dream. My coordinating fabric was Twinklestar Berry in knit, and I knew that would make the perfect little culottes. I used Megan Nielsen's Mini Tania culottes, but hacked them slightly to add pockets. Then I topped her outfit off with a blouse. I started off with Violette Field Thread's Gemma blouse and added in pintucks. Everything is always down to the details and I made sure to add some fun ones for Paisley. You can find some sweet little tassels, a hidden pocket and some ruffle detail on the vest as well.

Since I still had a good chunk of canvas left after making Paisley's outfit, I couldn't help but make an outfit for Zoe. Although I had never tried Art Gallery's canvas before, I'm a big lover of their fabrics and may have quite a bit in my stash.....
The dress is made from Frosted Sage Denim. I started off with Simple Life Pattern Companies Patricia and adjusted the neck to get a higher neckline, added a little length to the arms, and also adjusted the back to have it open and close with snaps. For the vest, I wanted a quilted, reversible one, so I ended up drafting it. It doesn't have any side seams and also has welt pockets (which is a gamble giving Zoe pockets) and I went with a fun toggle closure on the front. To top off Zoe's look, I used my Cricut to cut some faux leather triangles to make her a fun headband.

You can check out tons of pictures (including one of the reasons Zoe doesn't get pockets) over at Paisley Roots.
Thank you PR&P for having me!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Mini Project Run and Play: Meet the Week 2 Designers

Wasn't week 1 quick and fun?! Today we start week 2 by meeting the designers who are sewing off!
This time we paired Sarah from The Crazy Tailor and Karly of Paisley Roots.
Again, we asked each of them to come up with questions for the other person so we could get to know them a little better.
Here's what they had to say:

Karly: 1- What was your favorite theme during your season of PR&P? 
Sarah:  I really enjoyed the Put Me in the Zoo week, more so than I thought I would! I did an outfit for my little boy and that stretched me! Sewing for girls seems easier for me, but sewing for boys is so much fun too!  

Karly: 2- What has been your favorite project you've made (Does not have to be sewing related)?
Sarah: Possibly my dollhouse makeover? You can find it on the blog. I really love making tiny things - doll clothes, and apparently doll house stuff!  

Karly: 3- What's next? 
Sarah: I've moved out of my comfort zone a bit and opened an Etsy shop...but not for sewing, lol! Last year I rediscovered my love of painting and I'm amazed at how things have been going since I set up shop! My sewing has definitely slowed down, but I'm grateful for the sewing community that still lets me participate in fun things like PR&P!


Sarah: 1. What was the most challenging part of Project Run & Play?
Karly: My hardest part was when events happened, like my mother kidnapping a child right before being able to take pictures in an outfit I made, and I had to start all over a few days before my post was due. This happened during the 3rd and 4th week and those two weeks were absolute chaos. I don't think any housework was done at all during that time. LOL 

Sarah: 2. Do you find sewing for older children more difficult? Or more interesting!?
Karly: I think it's definitely just as fun and interesting sewing for my older children as it is my younger ones. My kids have been pretty vocal in my sewing and I've loved seeing their growth and personalities shine through with prints and patterns they choose. I hope it never changes. 

Sarah: 3. What prompted you to begin blogging?
Karly: Project Run & Play! My very first blog post was a submission to be part of Season 6. I just kind of kept going after that! 

Thank you ladies! Come back tomorrow to see the looks they each created with Art Gallery Fabrics!

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Friday, August 18, 2017

Mini Project Run & Play Week 1 Rayon Results

We hope you all enjoyed Week 1 as much as we did!  Didn't Katy and Suzanne knock it out of the park with their beautiful creations using Art Gallery Fabric rayon?  

The votes have been counted, and the judges scores tallied, and so we're delighted to announce:

First place goes to:

Suzanne of Winter Wear Designs wins $100 to spend at Peekaboo Pattern Shop.

And 2nd place goes to:

And Katy of No Big Dill gets to spend $50 at Peekaboo Pattern Shop.

We're so thankful to Peekaboo Pattern Shop for sponsoring week 1.  We've known and loved Amy, the brain behind Peekaboo Pattern Shop, for a very long time!  Please help us thank her for supporting Project Run & Play by visiting and following Peekaboo Patterns on Facebook and Peekaboo Fabric on Facebook.  

Also, if you are in need of some Art Gallery Fabric yourself, click here to be taken directly to Peekaboo Pattern Shop's large selection.

And when you're ready to link up your Inspired by Art Gallery Fabric creation, you can do so at this link.
Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mini Project Run & Play Week 1: Art Gallery Fabrics RAYON

For the 1st week of Mini Project Run & Play, we challenged our designers, Katy and Suzanne, to use Art Gallery Fabrics rayon fabric.  This week's mini plot twist is that we had them put their heads together and choose a common rayon to use.  They chose Paradis Woodlands.  They each got 2 yards of it to play with and 1 yard of any coordinating Art Gallery Fabric of their choice.  Here are their creations:

Suzanne: Kindergartener in Bloom

Hello Hello Project Run and Play-ers!!!!!  Suzanne here from Winter Wear Designs, and I just can't express how excited I am to be back.  I feel like I am my best creative self when I am paired up with other amazingly talented people - whether that is collaboration or competition, other creative minds push me to try something better, harder, and riskier than I would on a regular daily basis.  I feel like I've been in a bit of a sewing rut this summer, and the invitation to participate in this 'mini' season was just what I needed to shake off the cobwebs and dive into sewing that made my soul sing.

My little girl is growing up fast and getting ready to start Kindergarten in a couple weeks.  She is blossoming into a strong and feisty girl with defined opinions on fashion and what will and will not grace her body. I knew immediately that I wanted school clothes that she could wear all year long; a simple dress that would show off the drape of this stunning Art Gallery rayon (if you want to hear my full on gush over this fabric, check out the full post with way more details on my blog) paired with a jean jacket fit the bill perfectly.  So I ordered my fabric and waited for it to arrive - but I didn't just sit and wait, I got to drafting.  Because I had a vision in my head, but no pattern that perfectly fit the bill for my full figured five year old.  So I made muslins of 3 different design options and felt a little like I was hitting my head against a wall as dress after dress just didn't flatter.  So I stepped away and started drafting the jacket instead.  Jackets always make me happy.  With the jacket design in place I was able to re-think the dress based on elements I knew would be perfect for Mack: high front waist, detail at the neck, and pleating to give fullness without adding any bulk.  Dress - check!

Now all new patterns are cool, but not enough for the bar of PR&P... I needed details, pretty details.  I started with top stitching - top stitching and I are good friends.  With top stitching in mind I added some extra piecing, functional cuffs and pockets to my jacket pattern so that I could stitch more - cause when you are working with a deadline you should make more work for yourself, right!  But I've done top stitching before... I needed something new, something I consider 'hard', something I've been afraid to ever try...BEADING.  Yeah, this is the way my brain works - let's do something you've never done before in a pressure situation for all the world to see and judge you on, LET'S DO IT!  So I asked some trusted friends for advice, hit up Joann's for all the supplies, and jumped in.  I wanted the beading to heighten the fabric not distract from it.  I wanted to add a touch of texture and an element to make this a dress you could never find in the stores but that people would beg to know where you bought it.  The beading is focused on the red roses becasue I wanted the red in this fabric print to really become the star of the show.

I can't say thank you enough for inviting me back and pushing me to create this back to school outfit for Mack.  Come on over to Winter Wear Designs for a gazillion more photos and tons more details about how this outfit came into existence.

Katy: Really Ruffled Rayon

This was such a fun and hard challenge! Hard because I knew someone else was using the exact same fabric, so I was constantly guessing how it was being used and how I could use it differently. Fun, because it pushed my creativity.

I decided to ruffle the rayon, which is SO amazingly soft! It responded beautifully to the ruffling. The cherry denim provided a little bit more structure. I pulled colors from the rayon to play with within the design, the blue, the red, and a tiny bit of green.

It's a self drafted pattern, and super easy (and according to Azure comfortable) to put on with just a ribbon for the closing because it's just a faux placket! (Read: no buttonholes necessary! ;)  I added a fun little wooden button at the back and glass buttons down the front.

Thanks for letting me play!  Please visit No Big Dill for more!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Mini Project Run & Play: Meet the First Designers

And sew it begins!
Our first two designers are none other than Katy from No Big Dill against Suzanne of Winter Wear Designs
Since they've already had an introduction here their first time around, we asked them to interview each other for Mini Project Run & Play.

Suzanne: What is your favorite place you have ever traveled?

 Katy: As cliché as it sounds, Paris.  I lived there for a semester as a University student and fell in love with the people and the food and the language.  Visiting for a day or week can't give you that in depth Parisian Culture.

Suzanne: What inspires what you create (whether sewing or other craftiness)?

Katy: Usually it's the fabric that speaks to me. But sometimes it's just having a clean sewing studio that gets me going.
Suzanne: What is the 1 thing that you are most proud of making (outside of your children?)

Katy: Probably one of the wedding dresses I made. This one was for my sister and I was pregnant with my first child, crawling around on the floor to do the hemming. I got it just how she described it and she looked stunning. Sadly, it was stolen when she mailed it along with other mementos to their home. I told her that I'd make her a new one.  One day.

Katy: What would a perfect evening alone entail?

Suzanne:  Ice cream and a good book.  And by ice cream I mean like an entire container - not some measly pint sized thing, HA!!!!  Oh, and I'd be asleep by 9:30...I used to go to bed at a reasonable hour and now I feel like I'm lucky to be falling asleep at 11:30, and that just isn't enough sleep for this girl.

Katy: If you had $1000 to spend on yourself and no one else, how would you spend it?

Suzanne: Ohhhhhh, tricky...I think I'd buy a plane ticket to Australia - I have 'met' so many amazing women from the AU through my sewing endeavors and I would give anything to get to go visit them and see the country that inspires such creativity.  Most of the things I want to spend money on are for my whole family or my husband and I, but this is a trip that I think I really need to do solo for it to be what I want.

Katy: What are the 3 strangest things you've sewn?

Suzanne:  Hmmmmmmm - strangest.... can they all be the items I sewed for my final week of PR&P???   Ha... those Gabba Outfits made my boys so happy but looking back they were kinda weird and outside my style niche.  I'd also say my upcycled sheet dress for the Skirtfixation challenge... the dress is gorgeous, but the lace sleeves are upcycled underwear (gently used by me, but not brand new) and I'll admit that it feels a bit strange knowing that I am wearing visible underwear.  I've done a lot of upcycling using old curtains and table cloths or old garments, but the end results tend to be classic pieces... I'm thinking I need to push myself into 'strange' more often!

Thank you ladies! Come back tomorrow to see the looks they each created with Art Gallery Fabrics!

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

August Sew Along Link Up

Today is one of our favorite parts of Project Run & Play, because it involves all of you!  We're opening up the link up today for August.  The theme is:

Inspired by Art Gallery Fabrics

So get busy planning, sewing, and creating whatever inspires you about Art Gallery Fabrics.  Make sure it is a child's garment(s). Your creation does not have to include Art Gallery Fabric, but should be inspired by them. Of course you can use them, if you choose, too!

The prize for this month's winning creation is 6 yards of  Art Gallery Fabric (winner's choice)!!!  

This link up is going to be judged by a panel of judges which includes all 6 of our designers!  As if the prize wasn't enough, this link up is a fantastic opportunity to put your best work before these 6 really amazing, well-know seamstresses.

The link up will close September 3, after which the winner will be chosen by the judges and announced September 8th.  

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mini Project Run & Play Theme

Today we get to reveal to you the theme our 6 designers will be using in their weekly sew offs.  For each of the 3 weeks of this mini season, the designers will be sewing to the same theme:

Inspired by Art Gallery Fabrics

Fabric produced by Art Gallery Fabrics lives up to the company name.  Each designer creates a collection of fabric worthy of being framed and hung in a museum or, well, art gallery!

Art Gallery Fabrics offers their designs on quilting cotton, and (just in the past several years) on several GARMENT substrates too!  With a tagline like Feel The Difference  you really must get your hands on some to appreciate them fully!

For this mini season of Project Run & Play, we've challenged our 6 designers to use the Art Gallery Fabrics garment substrates  (knit, rayon, denim, voile, and canvas) when sewing their looks.  We just know what they create will be fantastic!

Wonderful Things collection

Art Gallery Fabrics has donated all the fabrics our designers are using in this mini season. Isn't that awesome?!
If you would like to keep up with their latest news, you can follow them on the social media links below:

AGF on Facebook
AGF on Twitter
AGF on Pinterest
AGF on Instagram
AGF on YouTube

Let's not forget our generous sponsors this season! Most of them carry a beautiful selection of Art Gallery Fabrics.  If you click on a link below, you'll go straight to that sponsor's selection.

Peekaboo Pattern Shop

Raspberry Creek Fabrics

And these sponsors below have thousands of fabrics that would coordinate beautifully with Art Gallery Fabrics:

Happy Shopping!  We'll see you tomorrow when we open the link up for the month and share the FANTASTIC prize!