Friday, March 22, 2019

Audrey for Project Farmer's Market

Hi, I’m Audrey the leader at Project Run & Play.  Since taking the lead, it had been a goal of mine to tap into the tremendous amount of talent represented among the role of past Project Run & Play designers in the form of collaborations.  One aspect of every Season is competition, and my dream was to show how these amazing women could work together to produce even greater things than they could individually.  It’s with great, great pride that I’ve been able to be a cheerleader and coordinator of this Designer Capsule #1: Project Farmer’s Market.

As a mother to nine kids, children’s wear sewing is something I love to do often!  One of my very, very favorite things to sew are button up shirts.  They are so very rewarding when they’re finished, and the classic lines never go out of style.  With that in mind, I designed and (with the help of an amazing tester team) brought the Rosemary & Thyme Shirts into fruition.  (You can check out all the tester versions here.)  They are woven popover-style shirts with a band collar.  Each has a couple of fun sleeve options, and the Rosemary has a few feminine details.

The Rosemary & Thyme Shirts are the 1st exclusive Project Run & Play pattern.  They are classic woven tops worth sewing just as they are.  But the lines are clean and useable as the building block for many great garment creations as Project Run & Play designers and fans love to do!

The Rosemary & Thyme Shirts are unique in that they are designed on 3 different size blocks with boy & girl shapes and ages in mind.  Sizes 1-6X are a unisex block and a perfect fit for boys and girls both.  The Rosemary Shirt in sizes 7-14 is a tween girl block and a perfect fit for those changing years.  The Thyme Shirt in sizes 8-16 is a tween/teen boy block ideal for the growing male.  Watch for more exclusive Project Run & Play patterns to come in the future!

Enjoy viewing the Project Farmer’s Market lookbook here.

Stay tuned for next week when more Project Run & Play designers will share their creations from Project Farmer's Market!
Thursday, March 21, 2019

Kat for Project Farmer's Market

Today we shine the spotlight on Kat of Sew Chibi Designs and the Ichigo Bomber Jacket.

“Hi there! I'm Kat, creator and pattern designer of 🌈Sew Chibi Designs🦄!  In our little corner of the internet, we focus on fashion for the modern kawaii kid: full of off-beat details, bold colors, and clothes with a sense of humor!  My three girls are my muses and we are boundless with our inspiration,  constantly trying to change the perspective on what's accepted in the world of handmade kids fashion! If it's weird, playful, or rainbow-colored, we are there

Every Saturday, from April to November, we visit our local Farmer's Market!  It's one of our most important traditions and is so important to the healthy lifestyle that we strive for!  My girls love to help us pick out what veggies and fruits we should get for the week and they are also fond of collecting the "ground flowers" that collect near the flower stands!  From charcuterie to blueberries, to fresh caught fish, we're always looking for any opportunity to support our local Portland vendors!
Springtime is a chilly time here, so my girls usually need something besides samples of cocoa to keep warm!

For the 🍓Ichigo Bomber Jacket Pattern, I was inspired by fresh fruits and veggies drinks along with Japanese streetwear.  The curve of the color-blocking is supposed to be reminiscent of  juice or milk being poured into a glass!  The Japanese (or English!) applique' options for the back give a retro look to the traditional bomber jacket.  And, of course, it had to have skinny welt pockets that almost look like two straws in a glass!  Pair the Ichigo Bomber Jacket up with its sidekick, the Mochi Bag (a FREE PDF Pattern for Kids and Adults): an adjustable, zippered chest bag with a front pocket, perfect for any day trip!  As with almost all Sew Chibi Designs patterns, the Ichigo Bomber Jacket Pattern as well as the Mochi Bag are intended for girls AND boys of all almost ages (12M-16Y!)”

I choose to make a chest bag freebie for a two major reasons: 1.) Chest bags are all the rage this spring on the runways!  I haven’t really seen many patterns for such a bag; usually you see hip bags for this sort of style.  I love the idea of adapting them for kids! 2.) I don’t know about other kids, but my kiddos tend to lose things when they depend on just their pockets for holding their treasures!  The Mochi bag is zippered bag which makes it easy to keep at their little things safe!  Plus, it looks great under the Ichigo bomber jacket!  The name Mochi came from the Japanese rice cake dessert which is one of my eldest daughter’s favorite desserts!  The two patterns together make a delicious pair!

“From sharing ideas, building off of each other, and all of encouragement from the other collaborators, the whole process was so much fun!  I love how all of the pieces work so well together and that there is something for every kind of style in the collection!  The diversity of designers was one of the best parts!  It was really such a great time getting to know the other designers!”

Head over to Sew Chibi Designs to grab your copy of the Mochi Bag and read more about the Ichigo Bomber Jacket.

hugs + stitches,

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Celina for Project Farmer's Market

Today we're highlighting the Up Beet Tee & Dress and the Turnip Up Trousers & Shorts and their designer, Celina of Petit a Petit + Family.

Hello! I’m Celina, the creator/ designer behind Petit a Petit and Family, and Ensemble Patterns.  I took my first sewing class when I was 12 and haven’t stopped creating since then.  I’ve had my own kids label which was made from only up-cycled materials, I’ve owned the coolest kids boutique here in Montreal but most recently besides designing clothes, you can find me creating social media content (photos, videos, tutorials, etc...) and teaching all things social media to big and small businesses alike. 

I had so much fun collaborating on this project, coming up with the theme and color scheme, as well as working on making our patterns work together and incorporating details that would flow from one style to the next.  I personally love creating designs that are stylish yet comfortable and I’m very keen on having special finishing touches or elements of surprise when it comes to construction.  I was excited to work on patterns that were suitable for both girls and boys.  For the UpBeet Tee & Dress, I matched a regular sleeve with a raglan one to give a fun design twist and so many options for color blocking.  I couldn’t help add a dress option too!  As for the Turnip Up Trousers & Shorts I went for style that was basic but on trend with a tapered pant/short with some fun details which makes it modern and cool. 

Our local farmer’s market is our favorite spot to hang out as a family. The colors and smells, the people watching and the amazing food are just a few things I love about the Atwater Market. If you are ever in Montreal, there are good chances you’ll bump into me and my kids on a Sunday morning there. 

Be sure to head over to Petit a Petit + Family to grab this darling color-blocked apron, perfect for cleaning and cooking the produce from Farmer's Market!