Tuesday, September 1, 2015
Sunday, August 16, 2015

August Link-Up Party With France Suzanne

Here is the linky party to put in your entries for the August Challenge for Project Run and Play.....the party will close on August 30th and the voting will open on August 31st....

Thursday, August 6, 2015

August's Challenge (with Frances Suzanne)

The month of August is a somewhat different Project Run and Play sew-along challenge!!! This month is NOT about a free pattern OR specific tutorial. While we are trying to include more tutorials on our blog, we currently don't have many to choose from . . . So, instead, we asked liZ and Elizabeth if we could hone into a particular LOVE of ours - HAND WORK! Looking back at our time on Project Run and Play, we realized each week contained a form of embroidery for us. It's our niche, and a special touch we add to many of our nieces' garments! That said, for this month you have FREE REIGN to select any children's pattern you so desire to sew. Consider it a PERFECT OPPORTUNITY for those of you doing a little "back to school" sewing, or those of you that have something cut and ready to sew. . .

But, like most "challenges", there IS a catch!!

Using the pattern of your choice, you MUST incorporate some from of hand work in the garment sewn. You choose the children's pattern, you sew the pattern, you use your hands and some DMC {or embroidery floss} to "detail it up" and create a "one of a kind" outfit.

  Embroidery InspirationThe design, the type/technique of embroidery, and the quantity of stitching is completely up to you! And, the good news is . . . embroidery can be used in sewing for both boys and girls! NO EXCUSES! We are SERIOUSLY excited about seeing what you sew, and are ready to be flooded with inspiration from you! Project Run and Play participants are some of the most creative out there - so, BRING IT!! Embroidery Inspiration For those of you needing a few ideas to get those creative juices going . . . feel free to check out some of our hand work "inspiration post" {HERE or HERE}, a post on smocking inspiration {with LOADS of links}, or Pinterest board on embroidery.
Let's do this!!
Ashley {frances} and Emily {suzanne}
Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Designers: Where are they now? Frances Suzanne

Hi everyone! We are thrilled to be back over on Project Run and Play for the month of August! It seems like Season 8 happened just yesterday . . . but since we left you with the announcement of another "baby {NIECE} on the way" to sew for, and have since celebrated her 1st birthday . . . well, it has been longer than we realize! Nieces2 As for what we've been up to: We feel as if we are the "dark horse" of the featured "designers" {or at least the "wild card"}. The summation: sew - seam rip - sew - seam rip - sew - sew - photograph - blog. Rinse, and repeat :). And, if you don't believe us, our niece dramatically asked us last week to "UNSEW" a piece that didn't quite fit her. Sewing for our nieces keeps us busy, busy, busy. That's it. That's what we do! Nieces1 "What we're doing now" {literally speaking}: Our sister has convinced us to sew the girls' backpacks for preschool. So, we are muddling our way through zippers, batting, and interfacing while still attempting to complete a final Easter dress for the eldest niece. TRUE STORY! And, if any of you want to offer any words of wisdom on "backpack sewing," we will gladly take it! "What we're doing now" {generally speaking}: We are still enjoying blogging at Frances Suzanne {and can't believe it has been three years!} and creating unique garments for our nieces. For two of those years, we ran the contest "Flip this Pattern" {a spin-off on "Flip this House", but with patterns}. Through that, we got to know many of you - designers, bloggers, and the sew-along community. Occasionally, we pattern test for designers but the turn-around time is difficult for us {note: "incomplete Easter dress" paragraph above}. PeekABoo2 This summer was full of "firsts" for us! We "taught" an embroidery class through our local Agriplex's "Heritage Skills" series. Then, we dappled in creating YouTube videos on smocking {sans our southern drawl}. That pretty well covers it! As for this month's challenge?? Well, we will leave it at this: 1. EVERYONE can participate. 2. NO EXCUSES! 3. We are EXCITED! IMG_8050 See you tomorrow!!
Monday, August 3, 2015

Welcome Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Happy August!!!

And with the coming of August we will return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Skirting the Issue doesn't officially end until August 15th so if you wanted to sew along with us there is still time!  If you aren't sure about what Skirting the Issue is you can read more about it here:  Skirting the Issue.

And if you want to see how you can win a brand new BABY LOCK SEWING MACHINE or bundles of fabric, gift cards, and loads of thread just by sewing up a skirt you can check out this post:  Skirting the Issue Prizes.

Or if you would just like to see a ginormica round up of our favorite skirt tutorials from the first 3 years of Skirting the Issue you can check out this post:  86 Free Skirt Tutorials

But for now....it's time for us to get back to business over here on Project Run and Play and this month we have a dynamic duo that you all know and love...Ashley and Emily from Frances Suzanne.

We love these ladies and hope that one day we will get the opportunity to meet in person but, for now, we enjoy their company over the internet.....and hope that one day we will get to have a personal smocking lesson from them.

So, check back in with tomorrow where we will get to here from Ashley and Emily and get back to business and usual!
Monday, July 27, 2015

Skirting the Issue: What we have for YOU!!!

We are half way through our Skirting the Event over on Simple Simon and Company and we have been so happy with the support and the love that we have felt for the project again this year.

(In case you are not familiar with Skirting the Issue it is a project we work on every July where we sew skirts, along with our readers, to donate to girls in foster care to receive just in time for back to school.)

And it's time for us to announce the prizes that are up for grabs to anyone who sews along with us this year!

The prizes are pretty fantastic and include everything from fabric and thread bundles to a BRAND NEW BABY LOCK SEWING MACHINE!!!!

SO hop on over and check out the goods.


You get one entry to win for every one skirt that you sew!
(And you have until August 15 to get your skirts sewn and donated!)

We hope to see you over there!
Thursday, July 16, 2015

Skirting the Issue: Prizes FOR YOU From Our Sponsors

Let's say that you decided to sew along with us for Skirting the Issue...and let's say you made a skirt to donate...well...then YOU ARE AUTOMATICALLY ENTERED TO WIN ONE OF THESE SUPER AMAZING PRIZES!!!!

 (And these prizes are more than amazing...we are so super grateful to our sponsors for always being so very generous with all of us.)

 So, look through the prizes and then at the end of the post we will give you more details about how to get entered to win!

 PRIZE #1:  A Brand New Sewing Machine From Baby Lock (see we told you these prizes were awesomeness!!!) Rachel_2_med 
 This sewing machine is a Rachel....and she is fabulous.  I've sewn on a Baby Lock Rachel numerous times and it runs like a dream.  It has an easy to load, drop in, bobbin, over 50 different stitch selections, a computerized screen, and a built in needle threader that will spoil you rotten.  And I'm envious of whomever is going to win her!!!  

 PRIZE #2:  One Of Several Fabric Bundles From Riley Blake Designs Riley-Blake-Jelly-Roll-720x480 As you all know we loooooove Riley Blake Designs (and our first fabric line with them, Four Corners, is due to hit the stores next month!!!  We are soooo excited!) and several of you will be the lucky recipients of fabric bundles from their amazing stash of goodness!   

 PRIZE #3: A 50 Spool Thread Bundle From Coats and Clark 9000_product I use this dual duty thread quite a bit and really love it...so I'm particularly envious of whoever wins this prize as well.   

 PRIZE #4:  A Gift Card From The Fat Quarter Shop
Fat Quarter Shop 
 There are so many fun things to find online at The Fat Quarter Shop!  This place is always a must when it comes to fabric shopping.  (And they have been a Skirting the Issue sponsor all 4 years so thank you Fat Quarter Shop!)     

 PRIZE #5:  A $50 Gift Card From The Ribbon Retreat
The Ribbon Retreat     
 If you haven't checked out The Ribbon Retreat's beautiful online store you really should....they have everything you need when it comes to all things ribbon...and tulle...and premade flowers....and you can get lost over there!  And like The Fat Quarter Shop and Riley Blake Designs they too have been a Skirting the Issue sponsor all 4 years and we appreciate it very much!   

 PRIZE #6:  A Special Surprise Thank You Gift Package From Simple Simon and Company Spaghetti and Meatballs Costume 
 Ok, so the prize is not going to be Grace dressed up like spaghetti and meatballs but I couldn't very well post a photo of the gift package....it's a surprise after all.  BUT, I will tell you it will be a package full of some of our favorite things!

 And there you have it!  A list of some pretty terrific prizes.  And here is how you can win one of them: 
 #1.  Sew a skirt before August 15th. 
 #2.  Donate it to a foster care closet (or another charity of your choice....or mail it to us and we will donate it...our address is PO BOX 753 Lehi, Utah 84043) 
 #3.  Let us know about it.  (The easiest way is to put a photo of your skirt into our linky party which you can find HERE but if that sounds too complicated you can always send us an email telling us about it or mail the skirt directly to us.) 
 #4.  Check back here on the 15th to see if you've one one of these fabulous prizes! NOTE:  For every skirt you sew you get one entry.  Sew one skirt get one chance to win.  Sew 3 skirts get 3 chances to win. Etc.

 Sooooo....now you know what the prizes are....what are you waiting for get sewing!!!! 

 PS:  To those of you who are sewing along with us this year, thank you.  To those who have sewn along with us in the past, thank you.  And to our wonderful sponsors who continue to support us, year after year, thank you.  ALL of you are appreciated more than words can express and we are so thankful for the love that we have already felt for this project again this year.