Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Meet the Designer: Julia of Bobbins and Buttons

Hello!  My name is Julia and I run a small business called Bobbins and Buttons. I teach sewing classes, design sewing patterns for all the family and sell lovely quality fabrics that are suitable for using with the sewing patterns. My business begun after a career in fashion design and pattern cutting when I became a mum. I have a little boy aged 8 and a girl aged 10 who are the inspiration behind my childrens styles, they thoroughly test new styles by wearing them before a new pattern is launched and prove to be very honest critics! I am very excited to be taking part in Project Run and Play. I love a design challenge and I can’t wait to see how the other contestants interpret the same brief. I write a blog with tips, ideas and hacks which you can find here: 

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Meet the Designer: Abi of The Sewn Edge

Hi! I'm Abi and I am the person behind The Sewn Edge a fledgling small business designing creative and unique sewing patterns for children. 

I love colour blocking, bold and graphic prints, and contemporary silhouettes.

I am an Architect by profession and many of my ideas about garment design are inspired by my background and my love of geometry and form. I spent most of my childhood and teens creating and making. After a break to concentrate on my education and early career I re-found my love of sewing while I was having time out to raise my children, and muses, two brilliant girls aged 6 and 3. I love the combination of technical and creative challenge that pattern making and sewing presents and thrive on learning new techniques and pushing myself two improve with every project and design.

I make a lot of my own clothes, as well as clothes for my little ones. I regularly share my work on social media and hope to inspire people to give sewing a go - it is the most amazing and useful creative outlet! 

I can't wait to get started with Season 22 of Project Run and Play and am delighted to be here amongst all of these amazing Designers!

You can follow me here:

Monday, November 11, 2019

Meet the Designer: Jodi of Mother Grimm

About me

Hi - I'm Jodi, aka Mother Grimm. I live in the hinterland of mid Wales, aka the back of beyond. I've always loved making things and have spent most of my life adapating RTW clothes and clothing patterns; to fit myself or have a unique style. I am one of those people who looks at an item and thinks, I could make that at home for twice the price😄 My grandmothers and aunt taught me how to hand sew, embroider and knit from an early age and until I was 16, I hand sewed all my alterations or garments. (Apart from textiles at school where we had access to machines). I was then given an old 50's singer which served me for many years. When it finally gave up, I went back to needlepoint, cross stitch and similar for a few years until I bought myself a new machine to try out quilting. I did that for a couple of years then started making clothes again. I bought a serger to upcycle clothes and also discovered sewing with jersey. It was at that point I got a renewed passion for sewing and started drafting/altering patterns and rtw to fit again. Finally I decided to take the plunge and share my creative vision and patterns with others. Let's see where it goes.....