Friday, September 23, 2022

Halloween Inspiration

So many of our Past Seasons have great Halloween Costume Inspiration! Jump down this rabbit hole, take a trip down memory lane, and check out all these great looks. And then get sewing costumes for your kids!! 

Season 2: Halloween & Harvest

Cruella and her dalmatian from I Make Stuff

Of course this Classic!! Carl & Ellie from Up from Simple Simon

YoGabbaGabba from iCandy

Season 9: Put Me in the Zoo Challenge

Sweetest little pink birdies from Shannon from Googiemamma

Season 10: 80's Cartoon Inspired

Rainbow Brite Anyone?! from Cassie of Lily Shine Boutique

Season 11: Cosplay Challenge

Sweeter than Cupcakes did a Springtime Rey

Season 12: Halloween Costume Challenge

Of course you remember this Zorro by The Sew and Tell Project

And Tamis Jungle Safari by SewSophieLynn

Season 12 also had a Pokemon Challenge this one is from The Sew & Tell Project

Season 13: Its All about that Place

Sweetest Little Fairy by Lisa from Sew What you Love

Season 16: Circus

Sew Chibi's Look was Killer! 

Also Checkout this Upcycle/ Transformation from Candice

Lisa's Cutest Little Clown

Season 17: Flights of Fancy

Way Cool Aviator Look from Kelly of Handmade Boy

Phenomenal Black Swan from Shannon of CKC Patterns

Season 21: Home Sweet Home

There really is no place like home! Jenny from Made of Starlight

Also, on Season 21 Jenny did this Back to School Princess Collection for her Signature Style Look

Heros and Heroines week brought us these Frozen Inspired looks from Sarah of We Sew Got this. 

Season 22: Signature Style

The Mother Grims Archery Themed Look

Seasons 23: Fairytale

All of the Entries this week had great Costume Inspiration.

Modern Alice in Wonderland by Baby Nest USA

Sew A Little Seam's Beauty & the Beast Look!

Transformation Red Riding Hood by Tiffany of Tip Stitched

And Kari's Modern day princess could work well for an understated costume you can wear over and over again. Thats so Kari!

Season 24: All the World is a Stage

This Theme also has oodles of Inspo!

Hamilton inspired by Annie Sews a Lot

Another Great Wizard of Oz from Randi

Katies Singing in the Rain Look will always be a favorite for us! 

The absolute coolest Spiderman from Deriving Mammahood

Season 25: Signature Style

And last, but certainly not least this sibling star wars by Whitney of Sew Whit Designs

What are you making this year?

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